Speed Week Photos
August 16, 08 Pg 1

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On the Salt.

Butch & Monte Long Course The men that lay the wires down all three courses. Frank Scott, Jeff & Bob Webb, Dave Bloomberg and Bob Opperman Frank and Glenn Barrett
Roy, Mike, Chance, and Don III Chronologic Trailer being used for the Special Short course Frank Scott and Jim & Alan Rice Long Course at the four mile 4710  U/MDT  Salt Toy  Jim Dunn
624  G/BSTR  Sights II Guthrie  Bob & Judy Judy's E-Scotter 691  *** no data *** 529  H/BGALT  AEM Civic  John Romero 788 Streamliner  Costella & Yacoucci
Lee Kennedy inspecting. Ed & Cris Shearer observing Jimmy Stevens Flathead with Kong heads. 2111  G/P/MP  White Goose Bar Racing  Mike Manghelli 715  F/BFS  Poteet & Main Speed Demon
Russ Russ, John Aitken, Ron Main, Mark McCaw, Dave Kennamer 2 sets of 25 48x3 inch rubber bands 876  O/OS  Twisted  Ron Main Bill, Doug, Cathy and Van 859B  125CC/APS-F  Van Butler Racing  Cathy Butler


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