Speed Week 2006
Friday Aug 12th



Entrance crew Foxie  1661 Bakersfield Boys AA CBFALT 189.291 8/14/2006 3434 Scavangers Car Club AA GALT 177.978 8/14/2006 570 Bud Free Free Spirit Racing G BGMR 172.619 8/15/2006
1926 Radford Racing F GMR 135.947 8/16/2006   812 Don Bajurin C CPRO 134.406 8/15/2006    Radford Racing 1001 The Daytona Charger A CFALT 248.577 8/13/2006
Glen Barrett presents Dan Warner with the Bob Higbee Award       Sang the National Anthem and sang Happy Birthday to Jim (60) Jenson.
RAF Wing Commander Andy Green and friend.  He will be driving the British dual diesel streamlliner.  5533 Haas Racing B BGS 309.537 8/17/2006 Glenn Carpenter and Ray Kelsey - BLM Officials. Ron Main and crew in impound.  George Poteet driving Wendover Medical Emergency Crew