Speed Week 2006
Friday Aug 18th


Pam, Alan and James A look at the timing monitor Frank Scott doing his job  75 Ferguson Racing XXO GS 261.783 8/13/2006
Inside the BNI trailer where the entries are loaded. 165 Jones - Geisler - Zickrick H/BFL 170.639 8/15/2006  2001 Richard M. Kreines G BGMS 219.015 8/13/2006  614 Original Fast Guys B CGALT 246.858 8/17/2006  5533 Haas Racing B BGS 309.537 8/17/2006
    A series of photos where the return run of the JCB diesel Max was certified. Andy removes his shirt in preparation for receiving his 2 club shirt.  440 JCB Diesel Max AA DS 308.252 8/17/2006
Larry Volk and Dan Warner presenting Andy Green with his Blue cap. RAF Wing Commander Andy Green has broke the Land Speed Record with several runs exceeding Mach One.   JoAnn Carlson with some nice words for Andy Green. Andy receiving his unlimited license from Carolyn Sager.
See the wildfire in the western mountains.        715 Poteet & Main F BGS 258.316 8/12/2006