Morningside School,

Buckeye Bullet,

 and the Spirit of Rett

The kids surrounded the Buckeye Bullet first. They allowed a blind girl, Caroline, to sit in the cockpit. She also felt the entire streamliner.  
  Morningside School Bus Announcer's trailer with the 2122 A/FS Spirit of Rett. Here come the kids.
They were allowed to gather around the vehicle for photo ops. Mike Cook put it all together.      
        I think Charles had the most fun.
Hot Rod Magazine Trophy for the fastest speed of the meet.

349.592 mph Mile 5

357.417 mph Exit

l-r:  Mathieu Cloutier, Dave Marlin, Roine Anderson, Charles Nearburg, Lee Ryan, Tom Stewart, David Tate and Mark Mulder Signing World Final buttons    
    The Morningside school bus driver.    

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