Fantastic Photos taken at a 1948 SCTA Meet

Photos Courtesy of Jill Durkee-Burgoyne

Dedicated to my father Warren Durkee

20 Jan 1917 - 12 Oct 2000


Special Thanks to Jim Miller for the Captions.

(More captions to follow)

The bronze and white '27 and the later primered black one, car no. 299 are the same vehicle. What a coat of paint does. It's the Lehmann-Swartzrock entry. They were in the Albata. It had a Ford flattie mill out of a '38. They ran 129.68 mph. The black roadster with the no. 29 on it belonged to Pasadena Roadster Club member Blackie Gold. He ran in Class C Roadster and had a '42 Merc engine in it. He ran 124.48 mph. The tan colored ride is the Class C Streamliner of Wally Henrich and Bishop of the Quarter Milers. It had a '46 Merc for power. This is the famous pre war Ralph Schanck car. They ran 131.96 mph. Car no. 260 is another famous car. One meet it was entered as the Spalding Brothers entry. Another time by just Bill Spalding. It was actually built by Johnny Hartman and is the famous Wayne track roadster. It had a Chevy 6-banger in it. It ran 127.65 mph.
Car 103 is another famous ride. It was built by Phil Remington. It was First raced under Chuck Moore's name in '48 and then as the Bob Path & Chuck Moore entry. Fastest run was 142.18 mph. Same as car in cell 1. The green and orange monster is Autocrats car club president Charles Dimmitt's. It started life as a Lincoln Zepher. He whacked off the top of the body and as you can see stretched the chassis big time. He stuffed a Cad V-16 behind the driver's seat. Fastest speed 107.52 mph. The red and white tank is our man Alex's ride and ran as car no. 555 in '48.  It was entered as Xydias & Shaw and then Alex Xydias during the season. It ran in Class A Streamliner powered by a '39 V8-60. Fastest speed was 132.93 mph.