The SCTA had a record turnout at the El Mirage Cleanup with 43 members and their families coming to help and show our interest in the El Mirage lakebed. Led by our Sgt at Arms, Lonnie Martin, the 43 strong group picked up glass, and all sorts of metal from the lake bed, in addition to putting the finishing touches to the great work started by Bill Lattin and his crew that took out many duny bushes several months prior.
Below is a list of people who attended – thank you so much for giving up your Saturday to support the cleanup and show how dedicated the SCTA is to the area.


Anne Lindsley Gear Grinders
Bill Lewis Gear Grinders
Bob Sights Gear Grinders
Eric Ross Gear Grinders
Gary Mansfield Gear Grinders
Judy Sights Gear Grinders
Larry Lindsley Gear Grinders
Bruce Kelly High Desert Racers
Diane Dunning High Desert Racers
Jim Dunn LSR
Jon Meyer LSR
Matt Shuss LSR
Steve Toller LSR
Larry Haney Milers
Pat McDowell Milers
Bill Carling Roadrunners
Bridget Wester Roadrunners
Dale Wester Roadrunners
Delia Riley Roadrunners
Jerry Cornelison Roadrunners
John Carroll Roadrunners
Julie Pehkonen Roadrunners
Mike Ferguson Roadrunners
Pat Riley Roadrunners
Bridget Macmillan Rod Riders
Casey Hahn Rod Riders
Charlotte Hahn Rod Riders
Chick Huntimer Rod Riders
David Willis Rod Riders
Gary Hahn Rod Riders
Grady Vaughan Rod Riders
Jackie Hahn Rod Riders
KevinVaughan Rod Riders
Lucian Hood Rod Riders
Maggie Hahn Rod Riders
Miriam Macmillan Rod Riders
Ron Kisinger Rod Riders
Tom Vaughan Rod Riders
Tony Huntimer Rod Riders
Bill Lattin SDRC
Chris Douglas SDRC
Dale Martin Sidewinders
Lonnie Martin Sidewinders