El Mirage June 09 - Other Photos by Harnick

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Mercy Air Helicopter arriving to pick up Motorcycle rider Richard Bozzie.
Richard (Gear Grinder) "Stepped off" at speed during the June El Mirage meet.  He has no broken bones, a couple of good abrasions, a cracked vertebra and one leaky blood vessel in his brain.  He has been admitted to Palm Springs Memorial.  According to brother Dave, an MRI was conducted yesterday and another one today to determine how he is progressing with the leaky blood vessel.  He is expected to be released in a day or two. 
 The Symons Event Crew:
Crystal Wyant and JC Rios are on the ambulance. Rene Garcia and Luke Musci are on the fire truck.
Ron Main tying down red balloons at the finish line. Ron Main in his red truck.

Good job Ron.