SCTA-BNI Rulebook and Record Changes

2013 Rulebook Changes

Rule Change Procedure

The SCTA and BNI are non-profit volunteer organizations. All requests will be handled by the part-time volunteer staff as quickly as possible. Please allow sufficient time for a response to your submitted request.


The SCTA-BNI Land Speed events are governed by the SCTA Rulebook and the El Mirage Procedures. The SCTA Rulebook contains general competition requirements, technical specifications, definitions, and vehicle class descriptions for both event locations - Bonneville and El Mirage.The El Mirage Procedures further define specific operating procedures for Dry Lakes Racing only.

El Mirage Procedures:

Changes to the El Mirage Procedures are proposed and voted on once a year by the representatives of the SCTA member clubs (12 in total). Suggested changes to the El Mirage Procedures can only be made through one of the clubs.

SCTA Rulebook Change Request:

The SCTA has a formal and specific rule change process in place. Below is a simplified summary of that process.

  1. Rule change requests can be submitted to the SCTA office by using the online form, by email, and may also be sent to the SCTA office via the USPS (snail mail)
  2. The Rules coordinator reviews the request for completeness and fowards the request to the appropriate Tech Chairman and vehicle committee for review and recommended action. There are committees for each class of vehicle (i.e.: Coupes & Sedans, Special Construction, Motorcycles, etc) and for technical.
  3. At the November or December SCTA Board meeting, all rules committee approved rule change requests are individually presented to and voted on by the SCTA board. The board approved changes are posted on the SCTA website and submitted to the Rulebook Coordinator for inclusion in the next years rulebook.

Rulebook Change Form

Rule Question or Clarification