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"Speed Week"
at World Finals

7:30pm Sunday
From your SCTA Advanced Crew,
it's raining now. Speed Week at World Finals on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats has been cancelled. The Advanced Crew; which consists of the SCTA President Scott Andrews and Race Director Bill Lattin; reviewed the BSF race courses and determined that they are too wet to have any resonable expectation of being dry enough to provide a quality race course. We owe our competitors and fans the most accurate assessment and a real picture of the current and expected conditions, The SCTA wishes to thank all of our loyal racers, sponsors, volunteers and wonderful fans for your undying support of the SCTA and the Bonneville Salt Flats.The entire SCTA and BNI boards have worked tirelessly to give you the best Land Speed Racing experience and anything less than that is un acceptable to us. We look forward to being your racing choice next year, but for this year at Bonneville, Mother Nature holds the records. See you on the salt in 2015.

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El Mirage Event Review

Event Results

The SCTA enjoyed a great September meet with 86 entries
coming out to compete on a great racing surface in hot but calm conditions. 

               Fastest vehicles of the meet:

               Car:  Cummins, Beck, Davidson, Thornsberry
LSR - C/BFMR   243.136
Motorcycle:  Ralph Hudson
Milers - 1000cc APS/BF    232.682

               The SCTA congratulates these high speed holders of the meet,
and all of the new record setters from El Mirage.
Thank you to all of the SCTA Club volunteers, racers and fans
that chose to come to El Mirage and race with the SCTA.  
We appreciate your continued support and dedication to
SCTA Club LSR at El Mirage.  It is the heart or our organization.

El Mirage Lakebed Pass Information (update - July 10)

 The BLM has again agreed to offer a $30 seven (7) day pass that does not
have to be used in consecutive days. ~Read More

El Mirage Results, Sep 2014

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Rulebook Changes to 2014 Rulebook:

The 2014 SCTA rulebook has an error on page 39, Section 3-Q Fire Systems: The quantity amount in the first sentence should read 5 Lbs. not 10 Lbs.There was no change to the driver amount from last year.


Health and Welfare
of the LSR Community

09/23/14: It is with deep sorrow to announce that Lifetime Gear Grinder Member Larry Lindsley  passed - Read More

04/24/14: Larry Monreal passed away on April 21, 2014 due to complications of Alzheimer’s - Read More

03/31/14: Long time vintage four cylinder Bonneville racer Dan Iandola passed away on 3-31-14. - Read More

03/06/14: Ken Pike - log time Rod Rider passed away last night. Services to be held March 28.- Read More

02/09/14: Clifton Wheeler passed away last night Sat Feb 8. Information for services for the Celebration of His Life - Read More

02/06/14: Elmo Gillette passed away today - Thurs Feb 6. Read More

01/30/14: Tiny Roberts passed away today - Thurs Jan 30. Read More

12/12/13: Dick Peters passed away last week. Read More

11/11/13: Car #2010 El Mirage crash - Brian Gillespie update. Read More

10/23/13: Jack Dolan passed away last week onThursday October 17th. Read More

10/16/13: Billy Hodges passed away yesterday - Read More

10/10/13: Joe Murray, former Super Four and Sidewinder passed away Sept 18- Read More

9/28/13: Arnold Baer "A.B." Shuman passed away May 10 - Read More

9/27/13: Fred Carrillo, of Carrillo Rods passed away September 16th - Memorial Service Sun Oct 20 - Read More

7/26/13: Frank Silva from Crusing Tees - services - Read More

7/26/13: Kenneth D. Kelley passed away Wednesday- July 17, 2013 - Read More