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Southern California Timing Association

​​​​​Purpose of the Program

The SCTA / BNI Scholarship Program seeks to assist dedicated students who show aptitude and/or interest in pursuing studies in any field that is related to, or supportive of, Landspeed Racing. Scholarships will be awarded to assist candidates in furthering his/her education at an accredited degree-granting institution.


Any graduating high school senior, college, university or trade-tech student may apply for the scholarship, providing that his/her area of study is pursuant with some facet of Landspeed Racing (i.e. engineering, math, alternative energy, business management, etc). Applicants must also be recommended by an affiliated member of the Landspeed Racing community.


A complete application must be received at the SCTA office by September 11, 2020. Returning applicants must submit a new application, with updated references to be eligible. Applications packages must be complete. Failure to include all requested materials (or note of explanation) may result in the application being rejected. Please print or type your application. All applications must be legible with dark enough print to be reproduced. Illegible or lightly printed applications may be excluded. Use BLACK ink if printing.

Please address the application to:

Scholarship Application Committee
P.O. Box 10
Orosi, CA 93647

Along with the application, students must provide:

  • High School or College transcripts for the last two years (see application form)
  • Three letters of recommendation. One must be from a teacher on school letterhead (6 pages maximum)
  • Sponsorship / Recommendation from an affiliated member of the Landspeed Racing community
  • A list of community involvement. The record should include a description of activities in which the applicant has been involved with references
  • A letter of acceptance or proof of registration from an established/accredited school, trade or technical institution, college or university starting the fall semester of the 2020 academic year
  • A grade point average of at least 2.75 for the last two years


Recipients will be determined by December 1, 2020. The winners will be informed via postal mail and will be formally announced in the SCTA publication and at the SCTA Awards Banquet in January 2021.

Scholarship Winners -   2019 (Download)  2018 (Download) 2017 (Download) 2016 (Download) 2015(Download)

We are so proud and pleased to announce our 2019 Scholarship Awards recipients.  These young students will be an asset to our sport of Land Speed Racing.

$2,000 Awards 
Riley Stewart - Arroyo Grande, Ca - Film Production Directing & Design - Chapman University (Sponsor: BNI Member)

Bailey Dunn - Bakersfield, Ca - Mechanized Agriculture, Industrial Technology - Fresno State University (Sponsor: LSR Club Member)
Michaela Thompson - Placentia, Ca - Aging Studies - Cal State Fullerton  (Sponsor: Milers Club Member)

$3,500 Award 
Jasmine Smith - Glasgow, KY - Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering - Morehead State Univ. -  (Sponsor: HDR Club Member)

Andrea Rohrbacher - Irvine, Ca - PHD in Physical Science - UC Irvine - (Sponsor: GG Club Member)

Totals Awarded for the last 10 Years - $ 109,350 
75 applications  
34 different educational goals

As you can see, the recipients come from all over the country and are majoring in a wide variety of subjects. Additionally, each was sponsored by SCTA, BNI, ECTA or USFRA. These scholarships are given to encourage and support more young people into our sport.

The SCTA/BNI Mike Waters Memorial Scholarship Fund was also instrumental in providing cash awards to both West Wendover High School and Wendover High School. The recipients were determined by the individual schools as to who earned the award. We look forward to another successful group of applicants for 2020.

SCTA/BNI Mike Waters Memorial Scholarship Committtee

SCTA Scholarship Program