Southern California Timing Association

Changes in  2016

Oct 23Posted El Mirage preliminary results for October meetPM
Sep 19Posted El Mirage preliminary results for September meetPM
Sep 3Revised motorcycle name for record results and updated the 200 & 400 MPH club membersPM
Aug 26Posted and updated results for Speed Week and El Mirage records. Also updated home page for dates, info, etcPM
Jul 22Posted preliminary results for July meet at El MiragePM
Jun 16Posted preliminary results for June meet at El MiragePM
May 23, 2016Posted results for May meetPM
Mar 20Reposted BNI Membership online formPM
Feb 20Posted BNI Membership online formPM
Jan 6 Posted expired vehicle numbers list from Chuck KalbachPM

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